I often hear businesses owners that are B2B focused tell me they do not need social media, or they have tried it and didn’t work. I think that these business owners are quick to write off social media because it is new and something different. B2B businesses do need to get a bit more creative, but they absolutely should be creating a social media presence. The first reason being SEO benefits. Not only can you join the conversation with social media, but it will help your website in the search engines if set up properly. More on this in a later post. The second reason is B2B employees are on social media!

The rapid and continuing increase in number of active users on social media has made it imperative that B2B business leverage its potential to the fullest. There has never been a better time to use social media than the present.

With 83% of businesses using Facebook, 80% using Twitter and LinkedIn for lead generation, there is no disputing that they are the platforms of choice, but other channels are also being used by businesses to pushgrowth. It makes good business sense for businesses to increase their social media spending, and there are plenty of businesses who are going to do just that, this year.

Source: Social Media Today